SOLD Ampeg 1540he (Northern NJ/NYC area)

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  1. Ampeg 1540 cabinet: 4x10 sitting above a 1x15 in an 8x10 sized enclosure (minus an inch of depth:smug:). Two of the 4 10's replaces with eminence beta 10a's, which add a great punch to the cab. Sounds awesome, and is devastatingly loud/full. Tweeter removed after it blew a few years back, but the port is very effectively sealed. Can be used as two 4 ohm sections, or one 8 ohm full range cab.

    very good cosmetically, with only minor dings in the tolex, but nothing structurally compromising. looking for $400 in a local deal (not looking to ship this monster).

    I do no have photos handy at the moment, and will not be back in the northern NJ/NYC area for about two weeks.

    Thanks for looking!
  2. Always been interested in one of these, I'll PM you my phone number. Let me know when you're back, I'd like to try it out.
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  5. This thing packs a wallop!
  6. Shoot some offers over if interested
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  9. Bump! make offers, but I really want to trade towards a GS212 or GS 412! also need a very good delay/looper and reverb.
  10. Bump! returning home later today!
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  12. no reply from the previous interested buyer. someone must need a cab like this to knock down walls!
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