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ampeg 412he with GK 1001rbII

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by origami, Sep 2, 2005.

  1. origami


    Jun 26, 2005
    Big D TEXAS

    I own a GK 1001rb-II 700watt 4 ohms 460 at 8ohms.

    I favor a vintage tone. After battling 10"s for a while, I moved to 15"s. I currently use 2x GK 115SBX-II. It's working out okay. except for one of my cabs just blew a speaker :bawl: and is going to get a replacement 15" under warrenty.

    I am thinking of going back to a single stand alone rig. I am seriously thinking of taking the middle road of 12" speakers, and getting an ampeg SVT 412he cabinet http://www.ampeg.com/manuals/SVT412HE.pdf

    what does anyone think of this cab? would it have all the positives of both 10"s and 15"s. The cab is 4 ohms. The early versions were ported and new ones are sealed. Is it's power handling 400rms/800 peak too low for my head? would it compliment the GK head? My EMG pick-ups (especially on the p-bass) and GK head are very full and punchy across a lot of frequencies, many speakers just can't handle it. I sometimes have to play at 60-75% volume for gigs with no PA support.

    i don't want to hear about neos, shroaders(sp) etc.. because i am a sucker for ampeg cabs in the looks department.

    my current practice rig cab: SVT 115he is a great sounding reliable cabinet (no horn---horns are another tool of the devil). i think this cab "tone-wise" sounds better than my GKs because its lack of a horn. i don't slap and anything over 8k is hiss to me.

    I know the 412he has a horn cross-overed at 5k. I wonder if the crossover could be totally defeated/bypassed (not just turned down) and all the frequencies go to the 12" speakers?

    cool, answer anything i said before a question mark...

  2. I have a peavey 412 and I like it alot. It doesnt have that bottom boom that a 15 or 18 gives but they are very quick and give better low end than most of the 10's I have tried. although they are heavey(my peavey weights in at around 140 lbs which is more than most of my band members :) )
    but they have pretty solid low end, very punchy without being over bright. but try it out and than decide for yourself. also your problem might be in you eq not just the speakers. if your really bottom heavey it kills headroom and that could be causing you amp to clip and destroy you speakers
  3. 8mmOD


    Mar 20, 2005
    I endorse & use Tech 21 pedals, Eminence loaded cabs, EMG pickups, Jim Dunlop picks & Ernie Ball Strings, BC Rich Basses.
    I think the Ampeg 412HE sounds killer. the 400 watt/4 ohm rating is the only thing that stopped me from getting one. i think your head would work fine, but you would need to watch the volume & your speakers will tell you if you are pushing them too hard. but I didn't feel that 400 watts was enough for me to use a single cab & I want trim down my rig.

    if you buy one, make sure it is the newer sealed design. i am not so sure if the 12" speakers would even be able to reproduce the high freqs that get sent to the horn. maybe they are, but if so, why would it have a horn in the first place? IMO the horns in the ampeg cabs can be a bit harsh, but are necessary... IOW it sounds better with them on... but just barely on.

    the 410he cab is under 100 lbs so it isn't the monster like the afore mentioned peavey. also the low end freq response is about the same as the Ampeg 15E cab, so it will go pretty low, so to speak.

    Just to add.
    my tone = p-bass + emg's + SVT + crappy player :D
  4. origami


    Jun 26, 2005
    Big D TEXAS
    I don't mind it being to heavy (i have an SUV), as long as I can move it by myself in a crunch. none of our regular gigs involve too many stairs. an 8x10 and 6x10 sounds good but are too big in size not weight. i like casters. i am not a big fan of the dolly style combos or cabs. i used to have the bxt410hl and that was about as heavy as i'd ever want to go.

    has anyone seen an ampeg 4x12he in the north texas area?

    within the last year i have started playing with my EQ flatter or flat, and it has helped tremendously. i recommend it. you get to hear your bass and speakers without too much colorazation.

    sometimes i will turn the GK contour up 50% which addes a little bass and treble and takes out some of the mids. the pressence knob is @10K which i don't even want to reproduce so that never gets turned on. the 5 string bass button is really a 11db boost at 20htz. I only use this button if it is a large show and i want to feel extra low end on stage and i know the club has bigger subs to handle it all. sometimes i do take out a little high mid and this removes some finger/fret noise if my strings are brand new, the "clank" is really in the high mids, not the treble. but most of the time everything is pretty straight up flat.

    even though i have EMG's in my basses my tone controll is passive. I may someday buy anEMG b/t stack knob.

    what i do is try to have the bass as clean and bright and possible (new strings, lots of master volume vs gain), and use the passive tone controll to take off the finger noise as needed. I use the GK boost, (the amp sounds bad without it) but past 50% it'll make the bass tone unfocused (not distorted). i run my DI post EQ and this has all worked well.

    over the years i have weighed the pros and cons of bi-amping. honestly i would rather reproduce my highs through a smaller speaker than a horn. most horns reproduce hiss and the crossovers are set too high or too low. i love my SVT 15e w/o a horn. the 15" reproduces just the righ amount of treble probably to @6-7k and that's enough. if i slapped or needed the "fieldy" tone i might be singing a different tune, but i prefer the John Paul Jones tone.
  5. Nigel


    Sep 16, 2004
    How about an ampeg 215? If you like the tone of the 15e that seem to be the way to go. I know I would love one of these (I have GAS for a svt-15e). I think the ampeg cab would compliment the GK head nicely (make the sound a little less hifi and a bit warmer).

    To get more warmth/vintage vibe from the GK try these settings (o'clocks)

    Volume: 12
    5-String: Your preference
    Contour: between off and 12
    Presence: Off

    Treble: 10.30
    Hi-mid: 10
    Lo-mid: 12
    Bass: 12-1

    Boost: 12
    Tweeter: Off
    Master: As loud as you want

    If you use roundwounds try placing a foam-pad beneath the strings near the bridge, to get a deader sound/flatwound-like thud, or simply try on some flatwounds (Rotosound 77, D'addario chromes, TI-jazz flats etc.)
    I used to have active pickups/passive electronics in my jazz bass and have been much happier with my tone since I put passives in it. The actives have too much high end for my tastes, so I think you would be better off with passives if you favor a vintage tone.
  6. bagman


    Sep 28, 2005
    SE Florida
    I use the same head GK 1001 RB II, this amp is great. I team it up with a Auguilar GS412, this is a great cab, I seem to always posting to others about the value of this cab. Look up the specs, better yet try one at a dealer, if you are in SE Florida, come hear mine. I have had it about 4 months. I load it by my self, no problem. Much better than an 810 cab. The aguliar is rated at 1200 watts at 4 ohms. I can turn up the GK and not ever worry about the cab not handling the load.
    Let us know which way you go. LOL.
  7. Can't really offer any opinions on that cab, other than to say it could *possibly* receive more power from the GK than it can handle, if you get really loud.

    So if you'd rather not worry about smoking cabs, you might better consider something with better power handling.