AMPEG 4x10 or 6x10

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  1. I am going to for sure get a Ampeg SVT350 CLASSIC (not tube) but i dont know if i should get the SVT 410HLF or the SVT-610HLF? is the 6x10 really worth the money?

    and also whats the differene between a SVT410HLF and a BSE410HLF??????
  2. Bass18

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    Jul 21, 2001
    I've heard from people here that the 6x10 is Ampeg's best cab, it would project your sound better, but It depends on if you want to spend the extra cash or not.
    The differences between those 2 cabs is the BSE is the "cheaper" version. The SVT can handle more watts I think, and may even have better quality parts.
  3. The BSE cabs *are* "cheaper" than the SVT cabs. The SVT cabs use better hardware and have better power handling. The BSE's, suprisingly, have better low end frequency response, but the cabinet construction and, in my oppinion tone, are better on the SVT cabs.