Ampeg 6x10 Classic, SWR Workingman 4004 (All Mint)

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  1. Selling the cabinet for $700.00 or best offer and the head for $200.00. Both pieces were played for about 8 months. Stayed in the studio with the exception of one indoor gig. Both are in perfect condition and were never played past four on the master volume, I didn't crank my gain either. The cabinet is super punchy and the head has awesome low end. I've still got the manual for the head and it comes with some great presets for EQ. The head is really loud and has more than enough watts for even a two guitar setting. SWR makes great gear and this particular head works especially well for rock groups. Very reliable. I'm in GA. Reply here or thanks.
  2. Is the SWR head the new edition, with the silver logo?
  3. Nope. It's all black and the SWR logo is red.