Ampeg 810 Classic bad speaker?

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  1. So I noticed a little static sound coming from my cab while playing at hmm, low to moderate volume, I pulled the grill, and let a note ring out while I stuck my ear by each speaker, and I can definitely tell it's coming from the top section, bottom left speaker. If I touch said speaker while ringing out a note, static stops.

    Blown speaker? Even at high volumes its just a little static sounding, just one speaker.

    This is late 2000's Viet Nam cab.
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    Pull it, make sure that a wire isn't hitting the cone and that its wires are secure.
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  3. nope wire not touching
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    Sep 14, 2010
    It's voicecoil rubbing probably the speaker got damaged from heat and the voicecoil didn't come apart but somewhat loosened up and is rubbing the gab. speaker should be reconed. the gap should be cleaned
    aAnd inspected. but should all be good after recone
  5. How much does that usually cost? Feel like it would be cheaper to buy a new one but can't find an exact replacement, just the new eminence 86-032-01 Legend 810

    Mine is the Made in China flat magnet one.
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    Sep 14, 2010
    exactly probably be little research
    unless local with shipping and all that probably pretty costly. but hopefully someone out there has the recone kit for that speaker.
    specifically the ampeg special design speaker. the recone kits are definitely cheaper than new. shipping and labor is what gets yah
    if you did it yourself the kits for 10" range from 15 to 35 dollars. plus glue
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    When a speaker has too much power going into it for an extended time they'll get out of alignment also and rub, used to be common years ago with the 30 watt speakers the original SVT's used when people only used one cab. That will get worse and worse if not fixed.
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    The 86-032-01 and the Legend B810 are two different speakers. The part number for the real Ampeg speakers is 86-032-01. Full Compass has them for $69, which is less than a recone would be. Get it and not the Legend. The Legend isn't as good.

    Ampeg 86 032 01 10 Woofer for SVT810 | Full Compass
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  9. jimmy is the ampeg master
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