Ampeg 810 Hookup w/ 4 ohm Amp

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  1. Xandrell


    Aug 23, 2014
    If I use the one speakon jack from the SVT 2 Pro into the cab, it's running at 8 ohms. There's nothing wrong with the sound. Would there be a problem daisy chaining another speakon cable from the top into the bottom making it 4 ohms or do you guys run 2 1/4 from the amp into both the top and bottom? Should I just leave it alone? I know they're like 2 different cabs but daisy chaining or plugging 2 cables into the same cab is freaky.
  2. mapleglo

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    Sep 7, 2013
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    Hmm, my Ampeg SVT 810e is 4 ohms, not 8. I can't run 2 810's as that would be 2 ohms with my 4 ohm head.
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  3. Xandrell


    Aug 23, 2014
    I think mine is 8 and 4 stereo, at least that's the way I'm understanding it.
  4. I think you are backwards.

    It should be 8 ohms top/bottom in stereo, and 4 ohms for the whole 8X10
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  5. had that ampeg 810e. The one with 3 1/4" jacks and two speakon jacks right??? . If I remember correctly if you're using a speakon input it's running at 4ohms. And the other speakon Jack will act as an output to feed another cab NOT an input. I know it may not look obvious because of the quarter inch jack layout but if you wanted to run it stereo you'd have to use 1/4" jacks. Sold mine a couple years ago though so if correct me if I'm wrong.
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  7. Xandrell


    Aug 23, 2014
    Thanks, Yes I had it backwards. I thought one cable would be 8 ohms but it's one cable for the full mode 8x10 is 4 ohms and dual mode is 8 ohms x 2 = 4 ohms. I think! In other words if I used 1 cable into the top only it would be 8 ohms.
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  8. johnson79


    Jan 8, 2010
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    The 810E has
    Yes. The top 1/4" is the only one that is 8 ohms only for the top 410. Bottom 1/4" and Speakons are full power OR bottom 410 in dual mode OR output. So if you're using 1 Speakon you are pushing 4 ohms to all 8 speakers.