Ampeg 810 wiring question. Wiring 4X 8 ohm and 4 X 32 ohm speakers together...

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  1. I bought an old Ampeg 810 that has 4 blown speakers.

    I also acquired 4 brand new 8 ohm Eminence Legend Bp102 speakers from a close friend of mine for free.

    How would you wire the 4 original speakers to the 4 newer Eminence Legend speakers?

    I guess you would use a Series / Parallel with the new Legends and Parallel on the originals.

    (I know this is not ideal, but, just a temporary solution)
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    I think that'd work. I'd be curious about equality of power distribution, but I think that as long as each set of 4 comes out to 8 ohms, for a total of 4ohms for the cab, it should be alright. Keep in mind, I have absolutely no idea what I'm talking about :p
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    Work, maybe, but really all 8 drivers should be exactly the same. Wait for more professional advice.
  4. Got it wired up and it actually sounds quite good. Checked resistance with a voltmeter and sure enough it was spot on.
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    so you wired the group of 8Ω drivers in series/parallel for 8Ω, and then wired the group of 32Ω drivers in parallel for 8Ω as well, right?

    did you group the "sets" together in the cab? how do the betas sound compared to the stock speakers?
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    You can't measure impedance with a multimeter. You measured the DC resistance. You should also do the battery test to ensure all the speakers are wired with the correct polarity.
  7. It gave the cab much more authority and ability to fill a room with sweet sweet bass / low mids. I can pump SO MUCH bass into this cab without that nasty speaker distortion.

    I like it so much so that I'm selling a set of Jensen's so I can fill my other cab the same way.

    What I did was wire the top 4 speakers (Legend BP'S) in Series / Parallel and the bottom 4 speakers (Original SVT) in parallel.

    I connected the 2 X 410's via the Positive side of S/P job to Positive Terminal of the first speaker in the original SVT set. I then attached the Negative Side of S/P job to the corresponding Terminal on the same speaker.

    ***** First thing I did was the good ole battery test. Sure enough all the speakers moved outward.

    I attached a quick diagram.

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  8. I would think you might want to flip your cab over, end over end. BP's have great bass and low mid output, and then almost nothing. It would probably make more sense to have drivers that play well above 500hz at ear level and the good low end drivers nearer the floor.