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Ampeg 8X10 vs 6X10 ??? Need help!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by ernieball71, Aug 4, 2004.

  1. Hi!

    I was wondering if some of you could help me... My first langage is french so i'll do my best with my english...

    I just changed my bass head for a SVT4-PRO and now i want to change my cabinet. I hesitate between a 6X10 Ampeg and a 8X10 ampeg. I haven't had the chance to try the 8X10 'cause my retailer is out of stock of 8X10, but i liked the 6X10 that i tried except for the "humming" sound" that seems to comme from the tweater just like in me current Ampeg 4X10.

    I noticed that a lot of professional players choose to play with 8X10 rather than 6X10. Is there some reasons for that?

    Is there someone who could give me some advices on my future purchase? :help:

    Thanks! :)
  2. BillyB_from_LZ

    BillyB_from_LZ Supporting Member

    Sep 7, 2000
    The 610 offers a wider frequency response than the 810. If you liked the low end booty of the 610, you might find that the 810 is lacking...maybe not.

    A traditional Ampeg 810 is a sealed box with no tweeter. It looks old school, big and mean and sounds great...that's why they have been popular since their introduction in the late '60s.

    The 610 is a ported box with a tweeter. Great low end and highs. My second favorite Ampeg cabinet to the PR-410HLF.

    You really can't lose with either cabinet, it just depends on what type of sound you are trying to get.

    Good luck!!!
  3. Grimm


    Dec 6, 2002
    Atlanta, Ga.
    I have two 610hlf cabinets, and play through 810's regularly when supplied by venues- I use P-basses and an SVT-2 Pro- The second 610 is powered by a qsc amp when both 610's are used.

    I agree with Billy- they both have great attributes- I would say that to my ears the 610's don't get the old school "punch" that the 810 design does. They do, however, seem to have their own sort of low end thrust and athourity.

    If you notice, I have placed a trade ad in the classified section to swap one of my 610's for an 810, as I want to have the ability to do both.

    I guess that is the long way of concurring with the above-it really depends on what you're trying to acheive, the type of music you play, and many other factors previously discussed here.

    Good Luck!
  4. I had the SVT610 and used it with my SVTCL head, at smaller to medium sized venues it was way too boomy and dark sounding. Get the SVT810 if you can transport it. I got the SVT15E and the SVT410HE and this is portable and very punchy. The SVT410HE is like half a SVT810 non ported but it has a tweeter which i turn off as it is hissy.Put it with the SVT15 and you have a great set of cabs.

  5. Luckydog

    Luckydog Supporting Member

    Dec 25, 1999
    I much prefer the 8X10 over any ported cab whatever the size. The 8X10 has marvelous punch due to its sealed design. I am less than impressed with Ampeg's ported cabs, although I do own the 410hlf...which is headed for sale. I haul lmy 8x10s in a minivan, but someone recently told me the 8x10 fits in an Acura Integra!!!! The 8x10 is not much of a beast to carry around. With towel bar and wheels its pretty darned easy. No harder than the 410hlf IMO. I would go for the 8x10 before the 6x10.
  6. I have an 8x10-sized cab (I built.. same dimensions: 26x48x16) that I carry around in the back of my Ford Escort. Big cabs are easy to carry in a hatchback :bassist:
  7. nsh50a


    May 11, 2004
    Columbia, MO
    Yeah, I just bought an ampeg 8x10 and it fit nicely in the back of my mercury cougar (another hatchback). Only problem is that there is no room left for my rack. Guess I have to take the wife's Blazer to gigs.
  8. Thanks guys for all your replies!

    I currently have a BSE-410H and a BSE-115 and i hate the "humming sound" (i don't know how to say it in english...) that seems to come from the tweeter of my BSE-410H... so i always turn the tweeter off. And even with the tweeter off i still have a bit of the "humming sound". Knowing that the 6X10 has also a tweeter i'm afraid to have the same problem. And if i'm always turning the tweeter off on a 6X10 i'm wondering if it would be better to buy a 8X10.... :confused:
  9. TheChariot


    Jul 6, 2004
    Boston, MA
    Well... you gotta realize that the BSE cabs are on the bottom of the Ampeg food-chain. I have the BXT cabs... which are a big step up, but still not primo in quality. I end up turning the tweeter on my 1x15 all the way down, but the 4x10 tweeter fits in a lot better.

    IMO, Ampeg's speakers arent all that bad... but there's definately better brands... and they make a much better head.

    Many people match the 8x10 with the SVT4-PRO... whether the 8x10 is owned by them, or supplied by the gig. It's a much more natural fit than the 6x10 is, because of the power handling capabilities. As far as overall sound goes, I've never heard and 8x10 really sound bad... so I dont think you could go wrong with one, as long as you have the ability to transport it. It's 4 feet tall.... so it oughta fit into the back seat of most standard cars.

    My vote is for the 8x10