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    The B-100R "Rocket Bass" combo amp combines the look, sound and tone of the original Portaflex with the outstanding reliability of contemporary, solid-state design. The 100 Watt B-100R drives a vintage 15" speaker and features four bands of EQ, plus Ultra Low, Mid, and High switches for custom-tailoring your sound.Dimensions (W x H x D inches): 19 x 21 x 14.
    Weight: 65 Pounds.
    This amp was purchased new in 1999.
    This was one of the last MADE IN THE USA models.
    It comes with a custom fitted cover made by Tuki. It always has remained covered when not in use & when being transported for gigs- so the blue diamond finish is not ripped or torn.
    The 'Ampeg' logo has been slightly cracked but it remains intact. IMG_4015.JPEG IMG_4015.JPEG IMG_3995.JPEG IMG_3991.JPEG IMG_3990.JPEG IMG_3988.JPG
    the original plastic covering is still on the control panel so when it is removed it will be like new! The ampeg logo is cracked in the middle of the word but it remains intact.
    There are holes in the bottom for adding removable wheels.

    $300 LOCAL PICKUP ONLY - New York City Area
  2. I'm not buying that "always covered" thing- there's splooge all over the control panel. ;) These are nice amps I love mine and they really do come close to an old portaflex.
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