Ampeg B-15N: Vintage or "Heritage"?

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  1. Swiss Frank

    Swiss Frank

    Dec 29, 2016
    It looks like there's a mint-used Heritage available near me in Tokyo for about the same $2500 or so I'd spend on a 60s model.

    It seems like there's so many old B-15N's that I wouldn't be surprised if they don't appreciate in value much. If that's the case, then it's really just a question of tone and the vintage vibe.

    While there's a few really nice-looking B-15N's for sale around the world, the good-looking ones won't ship. I assume any of the cheaper ones will need work to combat rattles; may need reconing and/or recapping and/or re-tubing. And the local vintage ones are really fairly corroded and rusty.

    On top of being all rattle-free and not needing any work, the Heritage also has the appeal of the '64 and '66 circuits available.

    My main question is I guess tone: is there anyone who is familiar with 60s B-15N's, and has played the Heritage model, and does not think the Heritage lives up?
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    Aug 7, 2008
    The Heritage is a slightly different amp. Stiffer power supply, less sag. It has an inductor added. It sounds very good.

    A vintage amp can have issues that need to be attended to. This can get expensive. That $2500 amp could wind up costing a lot more if you are paying a tech to do the work.

    The question is which Heritage revision? Original eyelet board or later PCB? Does the Heritage have any line related hum issues, some do.
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    It sound like this is the Heritage B-15N, with the black powder coated chassis, right? The only major circuitry difference other than the ones David talked about is the use of 12ax7's replacing the 6SL7's more commonly seen in them (new 6SL7's suck in a B-15, and Ampeg used NOS for theirs, but new 12ax7's are plentiful and sound good, so that's why they switched). They use a PCB instead of a turret board like the first Heritage B-15's, but that doesn't change the sound. I think they also use a different speaker than the original Heritage B-15's. I've never played one but recordings of them sound great to me. There is really no such thing as a bad B-15. All the different models sound a little different but they all have their fans.
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