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Ampeg B-2

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Gabu, May 30, 2001.

  1. Gabu


    Jan 2, 2001
    Lake Elsinore, CA
    I have been checking out this amp as a possible replacement for my Cyclops for portability reasons. It is a bit smaller (not much lighter though!) and I like the features of it that I have read so far. My idea is to run this amp in front of me as a monitor with it's ext speaker out running into my 8 ohm 2x15 cab behind me. I have a gig coming up in a month so I am hoping to straighten out my gear situation pretty soon.

    I would appreciate any comments from owners of this amp (or anyone who knows about it). Also, if you can; How does this compare with the Cyclops volumewise, toneally (opinions count!) and portabilitywise.

    I am not sure if I will have a chance to try this out... I might be buying it from MF so please let me know what you think and thanks in advance for your help!!
  2. cb56


    Jul 2, 2000
    Central Illinois
    Hey GB
    What's wrong with the Cyclops? I thought you loved that amp?
    If you are just wanting a speaker in front of you like a monitor, why not get one of Carvins 210 cabs and put it in front of you run it off of one of the R600's cahnnels and the Cyclops cab off the other channel it should be able to handle it. I would think that would be a damn good and loud set up.
  3. Gabu


    Jan 2, 2001
    Lake Elsinore, CA
    Don't get me wrong! I do love the cyclops!! It's just that it's a pain to move. I am looking for something that helps make setting up easier (smaller/lighter). I was thinking of Ampeg because it is a well respected name, and seemingly a reliable product. If it turned out that the ampeg is not more portable... then I will look elsewhere. I seem to be able to get a better deal on the B-2 than the RC210 also, I am not sure why. If I could get a good deal on the RC210 I would certainly go for that just as easily.
  4. Are you talking about the B2 115 combo the B2-48 or just the B2r head. I recently purchased the B2r head from Chuck Levins Washington music Center for $389. Unless MF is having a close out sale or scratch & dent deal they can't touch this price. Anyway to the point this a great sounding SS head especially with the Bag End S15-D I also purchased as my version of a back up amp and for smaller venues. Bottom line is I tried alot of SS heads in the 500 and below price point and to me this was the clear winner !
  5. Reid


    Aug 25, 2000
    Oakville, Ontario
    I played one of those through an ampeg 810, sounded great.
  6. Gabu


    Jan 2, 2001
    Lake Elsinore, CA
    This one has 200w into the 15 and 350w if you add a 8 ohm ext cab. I got the idea to do this because my 2x15 is wired for 8 ohms.
  7. Gabu


    Jan 2, 2001
    Lake Elsinore, CA
    That amp looks too cool. :) But After many peoples reminded me that I dig on the Cyclops sound I had to admit that it was true and that it would be hard to change that. Thinking on this and still facing the delima on needing the more portable rig for scooting around and stuff I have just decided I will add to my collection a PB200. This is Carvin's 160w 1x15 combo with a horn. It has a bunch of similar features and I am going to scoot down to Carvin to make sure that the sound cool again...

    Now I can use the PB200 by itself for small doodads or run my cyclops behind me, connect it's line out jack to the PB200 and run that as a monitor. That should give me the flexability that I am looking for.

    I can hardly wait for my gig... Boy I am getting kinda nervous.... Well, it's been about 9 years or so since I played in front of peoples... Hopefully this will give me and my guitarist the shot in the arm we need to practice more and stuff.

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