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  1. I'm considering getting a 200-watt model of the Ampeg B2. I like a sound that is warm and fat, and can for thumpy to punchy. I'd also like well-articulated sound together with warmth. I'm just asking, would this amp do this kind of stuff for me? Thanks.

    Davis Goertzen
  2. FWIW:

    In a real world gig situation: my band has 2 bass players (myself, and then our lead singer plays bass when my keyboard playing is needed). He has a B2R running through an Ampeg 410 and 115, it sounds pretty damn good. It's eq is dialed in for his bass (a Carvin 5 which he plays with a pick, having a very Rickenbackerish tone) but my Pedulla Thunder sounds pretty good too.

    The B2R would not be my personal first choice for a head, but I'd use one without complaint. :)
  3. For comparison, what rig do you have now?

    Reading your tonal description, providing there is good tone in your technique and good tone in your cabinet.... I'd venture a guess that the B2R will serve you well.

  4. The entire deal is off. Thanks for the input.

    Davis Goertzen