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SOLD Ampeg B200R - Cheap!

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by Dr Stankface, Apr 6, 2009.

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  1. I've got a used Ampeg B200R in fairly rough condition but still completely functional. Just to clarify, I received the amp in the condition that it is in. I grabbed it off of ebay from a very misleading ad.

    There's one hindering problem. There's a bad rattle in the chassis (especially between lower A and B). The chassis itself is actually fairly loose. I've made plenty of temporary fixes to keep the amp from rattling but none long term. A few of the metal tabs to hold the screws in place on the inside of the chassis were actually broken off when I received the amp. (It was shipped from NY to Alabama in a U-haul moving box with a VERY thin layer of newspaper as padding) It has some tears in the tolex and and a few dents in the chassis which I highlighted in some of the pics. I can give much more detailed pics upon request. I've recorded and played live with this amp and it's a GREAT sounding amp but i'm honestly tired of constantly fixing the rattle when I know someone out there could fix it permanently and love this amp. (It doesn't hurt that I have a GK Neo 410 on the way)

    I'm not looking to ship this amp with the condition it's in. Although if someone wants to pay shipping, i'd be willing to go for it. Only asking $125 for this amp. You fix it and you have a smokin' gig worthy amp. I can meet anyone in the ATL, Macon, Augusta, Valdosta, GA area or anyone in the Birmingham, Montgomery, Eufala, Dothan, AL area. I'd be more than willing to drive halfway to meet. Just let me know where you are and we can work something out.







  2. PMs replied.
  3. TTT
  4. Buy me!
  5. $150
  6. $125
  7. PM'd
  8. Looks like this bad boy is staying in the heart of Dixie.
  9. S-s-s-sold!

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