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  1. punchclock


    Mar 19, 2007
    Kansas City
    Hello all.
    New to Talk bass.
    Just got a B200R - used.
    The guy I bought it from got a bad one first, with the fuse issue.
    Sent it back to Ampeg.
    Replacement was one of the "fixed" DOA.
    Third one has worked for months, so I bought it.
    Anybody have one that is supposedly fixed and happy with it?

    And does anybody know if the "with horn" / "without horn" jacks are straight to the speaker?
    As in, if I am scared that my combo won't make it through the gig -
    if the fuse blows or there is another problem, could I just plug a head into the "without horn" and basically use it as a speaker cab?

    The manual I found online was pretty weak and didn't tell me much...

    I'd appreciate any opinions and/or experience anyone has had with it.
  2. KingOfAmps

    KingOfAmps Inactive

    There's a recent thread here in this forum (Amps) about this very amp I believe. Jerrold Tiers from Ampeg posted that the issue was corrected. Was yours one of those that was fixed? I don't know. I would PM him or find that thread.
  3. anderbass


    Dec 20, 2005
    Phoenix. Az.
    I like the way your thinking...:)
    I'd sure expect them to be this way, but engineers have been known to change
    perfectly good ways of doing things to substantiate their jobs before.

    You could just try contacting Ampeg with this question.

    I've been following the posts about this combo, and I believe your the first
    person to bring this (very good) Idea up for this model.

    You could try a little exploratory surgery to find out for sure.
    (If you leave any signs of tampering, you might void your warranty, so be
    careful about that plus personal safety issues.)

    My Ampeg B-100r has its speaker wire poking through a small hole in the back
    of the cab, and by removing the grill, (Velcro at corners) and the speaker, you
    might be able to slightly push-pull this wiring to hopefully tell if its going to one
    of these jacks. Or possibly, (by removing the amp sections back cover or amp
    section its self) you could learn something.

    You might also just be able to reach through a port hole to do this.
    (my cardboard port tubes will slide right out of their flanges.)

    Even if these jacks are connected in the normal way, (probably) your
    still going to have to confirm if the male or female jack, is going to the speaker.
    I'd think one (male/female) jack should read around 4 ohms, and the other, (I'd expect)
    around 0 with a simple ohm meter reading.

    (but this still wouldn't absolutely prove they haven't come up with a completely
    new method, or that you wouldn't damage something buy trying your Idea with out
    being sure of what these jacks are actually connected to.)

    If they have indeed figured out a way to wire these speaker jacks in some new and bizarre way:

    I did this (fully-reversible) mod to both of my B-100r(s) to use these combo's
    as cabs with my other heads, or to power other cabs from the combos internal amp.


    (male jack goes to speaker)

    Let us know your findings...:)

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