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SOLD Ampeg B25 1969 Vintage Tube Bass Amplifier

Discussion in 'For Sale: Amps, Preamps, and Cabinets' started by robassable, Dec 30, 2017.

  1. robassable

    robassable Supporting Member

    Feb 2, 2014
    Price drop 450.00 shipped!

    This amp sounds great. Both channels and all of the inputs work. All of the controls knobs and switches) for both channels work as they should too. Other than the knobs, power switch, rubber feet, speaker plug being replaced, and maybe some tubes, it appears to be all original. It definitely has the characteristic beefy Ampeg tone, and is surprisingly loud and strong, without significant hum. That said, unless you are familiar with vintage tube amps and know how to work on them, I highly recommend it be brought to a good tech as it may benefit from new caps, biasing, etc. Though I have experience shipping tube amps and take a lot of care with packing, I will not guarantee that it will arrive working as well as described. Those at all familiar with vintage tube amps well know that they are somewhat fragile and after a number of years require routine servicing. This is the early B25 (Linden, NJ) not the B25B so I assume 1969 was the manufacturing date, but am not certain. The on/off toggle switch was replaced while the polarity switch was broken off. The power cord is the original 2 prong. I considered replacing it with a properly grounded 3 prong, but thought there might be interest in getting the amp with the original cord, so will leave the decision to upgrade to the buyer. The safest choice really is to go with a 3 prong and thereby abandon the polarity switch altogether. The standby switch is on the back. The speaker cord has a quarter inch plug soldered on (I believe these had an unusual proprietary plug to go with the original Ampeg cabinet). Considering its age, the amp presents quite well, with only the typical little nicks and bumps limited mostly to the edges of the tolex, and some of the blue graphics have rubbed off. It is missing the back plate. The innards particularly look nice and clean with no evidence of a melt down. It has what I bet are the original RCA 7027A power tubes that seem to still be going strong.

    450 shipped to the USA lower 48, this is the lowest I can go unless it is local pickup keeping in mind it will cost me close to 70 dollars to cover shipping and insurance, not to mention time, labor and packing material cost.

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