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Ampeg B2RE setup and settings.....?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Frankjohnson, Apr 17, 2009.

  1. So I got my B2re and so far, it is pretty ok.

    My initial impression is that you really have to push this amp to hit its "sweet spot". I mean.....2/3 of the way up (volume, gain, tone controls....) is where its best seems to come out.

    I don't have a good bass driver to put in front, but am using a BBE Sonic Stomp and tried a Behringer BD21 which isn't too bad. the reason I got this amp is that a friend had a tech21 bass driver in front of it and it sounded like a million bucks! this is similar but not nearly there.

    So.....my question for users of the B2re....
    how are you setting yours up? what settings seem to generally work best for you and what toys are you using with it? (and how)

    I tried my Sansamp RBI in front of it, but I get bad current buzz through the amp - doesn't work. I can use it preamp in.....but I actually like the preamp sound of the B2re.

    Ideas helpful and appreciated.
  2. brianmharrison


    Oct 11, 2007
    what kind of basses are you using?
  3. A few active.....
    Am. P bass Dlx
    MIM J Dlx

    a few passive
    Squier CV p bass 60
    MIM P bass Jr.
    SX PJ with Lace Sensors
    SX J with Guitar Fetish pups

    Dean Acoustic Bass

    Friends Ibanez Roadstar (Sounds SO MUCH like a stingray)
    (on occasion)

    thats pretty much it right now
  4. yea I have the same head and I run a 2x15 the sans amp bass driver DI will get you what you want kinda that tube growl . I run my volume a lil past half way and my gain a lil short of half bass at 5/8 mid3/8 treb 6/8 . on the sliders I do about the same but I push more low mids . and I dont use the limeter

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