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ampeg B3

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by solo175, Jul 12, 2000.

  1. solo175


    Jun 26, 2000
    what do you guys think of it for practicing with a band? Actually it's the ampeg b3-28

    [This message has been edited by solo175 (edited July 12, 2000).]
  2. Old Blue

    Old Blue

    Mar 18, 2000
    The B-328 is a nice compact little combo with good tone and 150 watts. For practice and small venues it's probably fine. If you're interested in playing out very often, you may want consider the B-3158 model.
  3. solo175


    Jun 26, 2000
  4. I looked at all three, the b3, b328, and the b3158, the latter of which I bought, best investment I ever made, I run the balanced out to the powered mixer and get great post-eq tones, and it has wheels!!!!!!!

    Yamaha RBX260, Rotosound flatwounds, Prolink Monster Bass cables, Crate BX50 combo(practice) Ampeg B3158, SKB hardcase
  5. <BLOCKQUOTE><font size="1" face="Verdana, Arial">quote:</font><HR>Originally posted by Old Blue:
    The B-328 is a nice compact little combo with good tone and 150 watts. For practice and small venues it's probably fine. <HR></BLOCKQUOTE>

    Old Blue,

    When you say 'good tone' could you be a bit more precise? Would you call it 'traditional ampeg' or is it more modern, good for slappy/poppy stuff?

    Also, does it give the full 150 watts into its internal speakers, or do you have to attach an extension?

    And also, can anyone tell me the USA street price for this combo?

    Many thanks


  6. danhei


    Jan 21, 2000
    The BGRA (http://www-eksl.cs.umass.edu/~schmill/bass-rev.html) has a review of this amp. Go to the combo review page.
    Anyway, this is what I gathered from the review: $520 "street price"
    No extension speaker jack. This is what you're looking for, right?

    I would guess that the amp has the great vintage-like sound to it. It looks like a decent amp from the review. There are a number of reviews on the other B3 amps, too. There could possibly be based on the same platform but I really don't know.

    Hope that helps,
  7. Old Blue

    Old Blue

    Mar 18, 2000
    Andy - I don't own a B-328, but I spent some time playing through one at a Guitar Center because I was intrigued by its compact size. A 150 watt Ampeg in a suitcase sized cabinet - a neat idea! There's no extension speaker output, so the power is directed to the 2 internal speakers. I was using a P-Bass, so didn't even try slapping. As I recall (this was several weeks ago) the price listed was $589, but that's certainly not what it would sell for. I also "test drove" a B-3158 that was a VERY impressive combo and only a little more expensive. However, it's considerably bulkier.

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