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Ampeg B500DR vs. Peavey T-Max

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by blast_tyrant, May 2, 2006.

  1. I bought an Ampeg B500DR last year, along with a PR-410HLF cabinet. It sounded great in the store, but after jamming with it a couple of times, I'm a little underwhelmed. My gripe is that the tone is pretty good at low to moderate volumes, but when I'm trying to keep up with one guitarist with a Les Paul Custom through a Fender Twin Reverb and another with an Explorer through a 50 watt Marshall, the tone goes to crap and it really doesn't seem that loud. These guys aren't turning up to "11", but this is after all, rock, so it needs to be fairly loud. I've used my Gibson Thunderbird, my Mike Dirnt Precision, and a friend's early Seventies Precision with EMG pickups. No joy.

    A really good friend GAVE me a Peavey T-Max that's in fantastic shape when he upgraded to an Ampeg SVT/810 cab. I've played through this amp, coupled with a Peavey 210 and 115 cabinet of some sort when I've sat in for a song or two on some of his gigs. I was always very impressed with the sound (tone and volume).

    I'm thinking of selling the Ampeg rig and getting a 210 and 115 cabinet, likely Peavey. I suppose I could keep the Ampeg cabinet, but I think it would be easier to sell the head along with the cabinet and I tend to lean towards not mixing brands of cabinets and heads, but this is just a "peeve" of mine.

    Have I lost my mind? Is there something I'm missing on the Ampeg set up? Anyone else have this rig? I've read lots of great things about the T-Max head and it sounded great in person. If I did go the T-Max route, any recomendations on cabs?

    I'll be playing mostly garage/stoner rock using my Thunderbird, Dirnt Precision, and hopefully a Ric 4003 (soon!).

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