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  1. Newbilong


    Aug 14, 2018
    I live in a very very hilly, windy city - possibly the hilliest city on the planet, and definitely the windiest. While i only have 30 steps to climb to load my amp in the car, our practice venues are down zig zags, up staircases, on the sides of windblown hills, and i couldn't be bothered lugging my heavy 15 inch SWR combo up and down to another practice, so on the way to a jam i dashed into a shop to pick up a small, lightweight 10-inch with good tone that could keep up with a four piece band. I tried a Rumble, which was super light and sounded just adequate, but i was sold on the tone of the Ampeg BA-110.

    Even though i paid more than i wanted to and only spent 5 minutes with it in the shop, i am very happy with this thing. It has great tone, operates quietly, has good aux input and headphone amp, and is light enough that i managed to carry it with two basses, a large pedal board and music stand down a zigzag and stairs to our drummer's basement no trouble. Getting back up the hill was another story.

    If i want to go super light, the amp and the bass is all need. That's what i will throw in the car when we go away for the weekend.

    This thing holds its own against a fairly loud drummer and two guitars. Better still, it works nicely with the SWR when i have them both running off my board. I reckon i could do a gig with that set up, easily.
  2. mbell75


    May 23, 2016
    Thats awesome. Im really liking the BA115 I just got yesterday and thankfully I don't play in a loud band anymore. If you can get a 40 watt amp over a drummer, your drummer isn't anywhere close to loud haha. Drummer in our old band would bury me with a 500 watt Rumble unless the master was up around 3 o'clock. Damn drummers.
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    Ya, it's a sweet little amp. Had the original and a V2, and they're louder and better sounding than you'd think they'd be for a practice combo.
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