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Ampeg BA 115

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by farmerdude, Feb 13, 2002.

  1. As a DB player it is difficult to find a combo that sounds right being that most all combos are designed for EB. So, I have settled on this combo.

    I have played two new BA115s in two different stores. Both of them did not get the volume that the BA 112 did. To put it in perspective -
    I cranked up both the volume and gain to full on the 115s and still needed more volume. They had no distortion that you would normally get with a cranked gain.
    The 112 had a normal gain structure in which you could not crank both volume and gain as it would distort.

    Question...Are both of these 115s defective?

    I gave up trying to get useful info from the dealer.
  2. Off the top of my head, I'd say that the 15s aren't distorting because they can probably handle more power than the amp can put out. I don't have the BA115, but, the B100R. In the specs it says that it puts out 100 watts @ 4 ohms, but that, the speaker can handle 150 watts. The reason the BA112 might be distorting, is that its speaker may be more closely matched to its amp's output, leaving less headroom. I doubt that both BA 115 amps were defective.

    Also, could this perceived higher volume in the BA 112 actually be the fact that you're hearing more distortion? The BA 115s may not sound as loud, but, may be putting out a cleaner signal.

    To give a similar example: I have a pair of Bose house speakers. They are of medium efficiency. A lot of other speakers that I've hooked up to my amp SOUNDED louder than the Bose, but, none had as clean and balanced a sound as the Bose.

    That's what I make of it.

    Mike J.
  3. The whole distortion thing was just to indicate that the gain structure was more "correct" on the 112 than the 115s I played. By distortion, I mean subtle changes in the integrity of sound you get as you reach full gain or clipping of an amp - not fuzz. So that is not the problem. It was obvious to myself - both store employees and one store owner that the 115 was not putting out the same SPL as the 112. Each store only had one in stock.
    I agree that is seems pretty unlikely to find two faulty new units but if they are not faulty, Ampeg needs to re-design this thing.

    Anyone else have one of these?
  4. Nuno A.

    Nuno A. Velvet Strings Customer Service

    Jul 9, 2001
    Hello farmerdude....
    No, I dont have one of those but i would like to sugest you something.....
    Try the AMPEG B100 R....
    just 100w but what a warm sound and a fat tone....
    i'm a double bass player too and this amp made me so happy, and what a great price....

  5. Hey Crazybass, we talked about gut strings once.:p
    I tried that one, didn't like it as much as the cheaper made BA series. I currently own the real thing - the B15N - and don't like it as much as the BA for DB. It just doesn't make since that I can't get much volume on the BA. The way it is I would have to turn up the volume and gain all the way and still not be loud enough. Thats not right. Normally you can't get a good sound with everything turned up let alone play without fear of damaging the speaker. :confused: not the case here...
  6. Found this on the Ampeg site. I guess thats just the way they are.

    Jeff Wms

    Registered: Nov 01, 2001
    Posts: 4
    BA112 vs BA115 and LOUDNESS!
    Just bought my first Ampeg, a BA115, yesterday! After deciding it
    was too big and heavy (mostly too heavy) to lug up and down stairs,
    I returned it to where I bought it (later that evening) and exchanged
    it for a BA112. I agonized over whether 50 watts would be enough
    power for me, but I also agonized over whether the 100 watts of the
    BA115 would be enough (and whether the 150/240 watts of my great
    "brand x" bass head is enough - and it seems to be quite enough).

    In the brief time I owned the BA115, it doesn't appear to be any louder
    than the BA112. Theoretically, it should at least have more headroom,
    and it should push more air with its 15" speaker, and have a somewhat
    more "modern" edge with its tweeter, but I don't think there is a whole
    lot of difference in volume between the two - just size and weight.
    (They're both somewhat lacking in volume, IMO. And 15" woofers can
    be a little too - "woofy.")

    Perhaps if I had to own one of these fine combos as my only bass amp,
    I might go with the BA115. But as a grab-it-with-one-hand/gig-bag-in-
    the-other-hand practice/small gig amp, the BA112 is a better amp.

    Any comments about BA115 vs. BA112 and LOUDNESS?
  7. I just bought a BA-112 last weekend for use at church. It has more than enough volume for a very "live" room with 2 guitars and drums (no mics). I'm very new to this, but to my ear the BA-112 out-classed everything in the $300 price level. For its size it has a wonderful range of tones. I did my research by searching this forum. you all are a great resource. It also has a line out (unbalanced) to DI to a PA (sounds great). I really like it, I can see what the buzz over Ampeg is all about.
  8. I contacted Ampeg and here is what they had to say......"our engineers have noticed that too".

    Apparently they don't care enough to fix it.
  9. Ty McNeely

    Ty McNeely

    Mar 27, 2000
    I would also take into account that a 12" speaker will have more midrange sound to it than a 15" speaker will, making it SOUND louder (to my ears, anyways) than the 15". Also, the 15" has to use more juice to reproduce the lows, therefore lowering the sensitivity of the speaker, making it sound somewhat quieter.
  10. Hey Farmer dude........I'm from KC too!

    actually Independence

    what dealer did you go to to get your "useful Info?"


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