Ampeg BA108 Quality Rant

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  1. Timmah

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    May 19, 2011
    A couple months ago I picked up an Ampeg BA108 for a practice combo- I figured that the familiar Ampeg voicing would be great to have in a little kick-back package for small rehearsals, writing sessions etc in living rooms and stuff. And the amp is great for that when it works. Unfortunately, these little amps spend a lot of time not working as they should. The amp initially had some baffle buzz (I guess?) right out of the box, but I chose to ignore it since it didn't do it all the time and figured it must be the room or whatever.
    Then I started having issues with the amp gaining and losing volume without me touching any controls- figured it must be the jack or something, but rather than dig around the inside of the amp and void the warranty I went back to Amazon and asked them to ship out a replacement I could exchange it for. That replacement amp was DOA so I boxed it back up, told them what the issue was, and was again left with the slightly malfunctioning amp I started with.
    Since then, the issues have worsened seemingly every time I turn it on, to the point where the volume control has no effect at times, and that baffle buzz is back with a vengeance. I probably should have been more persistent about returns with Amazon, but I guess I'll be emailing Ampeg soon to see what they can do.
    There's not much of a point to this thread, just needed to vent a little bit because I'll be bringing a head and 210 cab to a second-story rehearsal tomorrow instead of that convenient little 20-pound combo.
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    Why don't you give Ampeg's customer service a call and see what they can do? It's too bad you waited so long and didn't address it with them earlier though, probably would have made this easier for you.
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  3. beans-on-toast


    Aug 7, 2008
    The cabinet buzzing is a known issue that they took care of some time ago. There is a fix that they have.

    I hope that they give you a new amp.

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