AMPEG BA112;Punch Factory;Tech21 Bass Compactor

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    Hardly used Ampeg BA112: Very nice small amp (60w single 12" speaker; tilt back design, odB and -10dB inputs; CD input, Line out, Headphone out, five "voicing selections" as par with the Ampeg BA line)
    Like scatches or dents...hardly used only at home. Very nice sound for a small amp. Can do light rehearsals or is a perfect bedroom and/or practice amp. $225

    Aphex Punch Factory. Perfect cond. Very cool compressor pedal. Recently replaced it with a Demeter Compulator, so it sees no more use. Very transparent, high quality with DI built in. $85

    Tech 21 Bass Compactor: Nice comp, cool active tone controls...check the Tech21 site for details. This unit is new, in the box...onbly played a couple of times (just wasn't my thing....) $50

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    i emailed you about the compactor