Ampeg Bass cab "thunk" noise when tipped

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  1. I just bought a brand new Ampeg Portaflex cab(PF115LF). When I tip it from side to side and forward\back there is a "thunk\knock" sound. All the screws around the speaker and jack plate are tight. I couldn't see anything inside, and there's no weird noise when played through at loud volume.
    I assume it's the speaker moving and hitting the bracing.
    I've never had a cab do this before. Does anyone have any input?

    I took it into the store tonight and of noise there. Brought it back home and it's there again. I can still return it if I choose to.
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  2. Return it.
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  3. Yeah you're right. It's just so pretty I hate to see it go.
  4. Might be cat in there.
    One time my clothes dryer started going thunk, thunk, thunk, just after I started it.
    Opened the door and the cat jumped out.
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    T- nut?
  6. I think those go clink.
    I thunk those go clunk.
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    True. Not enough mass to make a "thunk"
  8. I think it's definitely the speaker moving. Exact same sound every time I tip it. I can feel the weight shifting too. I'm assuming it shouldn't be doing that even if it work fine now.
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    I'd take the jack plate off & see if I couldn't see what's moving.
    (oops, seems you already did that)
  10. Wonder if there is a loose internal baffle?
  11. Perhaps if you increase the tip, say to $5, your cab will say "THANK", instead of mumbling "thunk". :D
  12. Here's a tip. Don't quit your day job.
  13. Thanks for your comments(and jokes) guys. It's going back to the store.
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    Good call...they can always get you another new one to replace it and you won't spend the rest of the time you own it wondering if and when the other shoe will drop (so to speak).
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    Amp Gnomes! But seriously, return it ASAP and make sure they check it off as defective lol.
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    Maybe they left an extra speaker inside.:D
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  17. Maybe a factory worker hid a beer bottle in there when he saw the boss coming.
    OK, I did hear about a guy that had a thunk in the door panel of a new car
    and the dealer found that.

    New anything should not have an expected loose anything inside.
    Return it.
    If you bought it from a local store let them open it to see what it is.
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    Patient says to the doctor, "Doc, it hurts when I do this."

    Doc replies, "Don't do that."


    I am going to assume you took the wheels out of the little black bag attached to the bottom of the inside of the cab with velcro. If you did, I'm going to also assume you tried it with the wheels both installed and not installed. If you didn't, then I'm going to recommend that you do all those things one at a time and see if if the thunk goes away. And did you install a head on the fliptop lid yet? I would assume not since you just got it, but you might want to recheck it and maybe reinstall it if you did. And then I'd recommend flipping it with the lid off and looking inside to see if you can see or feel the speaker magnet shifting. I would try all those things before I returned it. You can always return it and get another one if that doesn't work out, though.
  19. Hand slap

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    Maybe there is something between the paper cone and frame, in one the speakers, I would describe that as more of a "tink" then a thunk? Tear it down as far as you can, maybe you will find it, and not deal with returning it? Out of box issues, happen.
  20. Have the Dealer figure it out.