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  1. I've pretty much decided that i want the Ampeg B2R head, but i dont know what cab to get. i tried out the ampeg svt-410he, and liked the tone i got from it. i didnt get to try out the svt-210he but i guess its the same just with half the speakers. i want to know if the b-series cab's are any good. i see them and they are like $100 less, but do you lose a lot with that $100? is there any major differance in quality or whatever. also, are there any other 4x10's that are around the same price range? i know theres the bassman 4x10 (new one) but is it any good? i havnt had a chance to try out any of those. also, i want to stick with 10's, i really like the tone i get from them.
  2. phunky345


    Jun 20, 2000
    Missoula, MT
    Stick with the svt cab! They rrruuuule! I've played their 8x10 with the b2r and it was a very great sound. But i'm not too sure about the b-cabs. I figure if you can't afford it, and are just starting to get into good/intermediate equipment, be a tight-wad like me. So if svt costs too much for you, go with the b series. I went for the transporter hartke cabs because of the price, and it's pretty nice!