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Ampeg Classic 8x10's

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by SuperDuperStar, Oct 6, 2002.

  1. I have a SVT-CL head and am looking to get a classic series 8x10. They now make two versions of this cab, the SVT-810E (the one everyone knows) and new the SVT-810HP. Now I know that the newer version has a higher power rating and larger magnets but will this make a big difference being that the SVT-CL is not exactly a 'high fi' head? Now I will be using a 5 string (Sadowsky vintage 5 to be exact : ) ) with it some times, so how does the older model handle the b string?
  2. Personally I'd go ahead and get the "E" (and "not" just because the other is probably heavier & pricier). BUT, if you think you might want the "HP" you better hurry up and get one. Ampeg will discontinue it soon because there are so few buyers (like with the single 18 cab from a few years back). As for your B-string concern, I personally do not communicate with anyone who uses the 810 with a Fiver. But then again I've gotten all caught up in the new trend/revival of the 4-string that is sweeping the nation.
  3. I am in the 4 string fan club as well. It just seems that alot of bands these days (or at least the ones I've been auditioning for) require(want) a 5 string. Not that it is used alot in their music just randomly here and there. I personally think that 4 strings is more than enough :) But you got to give'em what they want. :mad: :p

    I think that the newer model is only like 10 pounds or so heavier. I just want to know if the older model will sound like farty with an open B and possibly tuned down a full step (yes some idiots play that way :confused: )

    Well, I think maybe it would be hard to find a cab that dosen't sound like a fart with an open B tuned down a full step :D
  4. I've read (here in this forum) posts written by users more informed than I about a point that may be helpful in answering your question. Specifically, that the 810 design purposely "cuts out" the fundamental. Others (mainly Psycho Bass Guy) can explain why/how this works. The "absence" of the fundamental could allow the 810 to handle the B-string well since it's "not" producing the low-B's "fundamental" anyway. Or it could just sound like sh*t because it's NOT producing it! Surely someone has run a 5 through an 810 and will chime in. I do know this: I've had 10s, 12s, 15s, and 18s, in lotsa cofigurations and the 810 is my favorite cab and even makes bad g**tar amps sound good. Seriously.:cool:
  5. I have the 810E cab, and have been very happy with it. Very punhy is how I would describe it. I have a 5 string, and can't say that I don't like the sound. All the speakers working together make the low B string pretty authoritative. I know it isn't the fundamental or anything, but to me it sounds good, and that is all that really matters. I would say between the two, get which ever one you can try. I doubt you will be ordering them through the mail, since they are big and would cost too much to ship. I like my 8x10, but they deffinately aren't for everyone.


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