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Ampeg combos, any good?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Johnny Steele, Aug 14, 2007.

  1. Johnny Steele

    Johnny Steele

    May 28, 2007
    Hey, I knw I'm a 'noob' haha and I've made similar threads before. But I was wondering, if people would recommend an ampeg combo to play my new yamaha rbx jm2 through. Im looking atthe 100w BA115T combo and I play mostly progressive metal. Does anyone think this would be a good choice or would an other make be more suited to a six string metal sound.

    Oh and im looking at around 400 pounds to spend

    Thanks guys.
  2. they are good combos, especially if you get one with the tube preamp in it.

    I have one without the tube preamp and I regret it :(
  3. srxplayer


    May 19, 2004
    Highland, CA
    There have been some QC issues with a lot of the new Ampeg products. Since they changed to the new manufacturing facility over seas there have a lot of issues soldering and circuits not done correctly.

    I own a 220 watt BA115HP, the older w/o the tube in the preamp. It sounds good. In fact I like the tone a lot. Now that I have had the chance to play new BA115HPT against my older BA115HP I don't think the tube makes enough of a difference to pay the extra $110.00. It makes it a little warmer but the combo still has it's limitations (not loud enough) so IMHO it's not worth the extra money. My BA115HP has enough stage volume to play with a drummer and 2 sixty-five watt guitar amps. Thats about it. Anything more than that and I'm pushing the amp hard to stay in the stage mix and I'm pretty much not adding anything to the FOH without PA support.

    If you plan on playing with a drummer the 100 watt BA115T won't be enough to get you heard in the mix at rehearsal. Also the tweeter will hiss like crazy even at low volume so. I found it irritating. The larger 115HP or 115HP-T doesn't hiss nearly as much.

    My Ampeg was built here in the States. It hasn't been perfect. The compression driver crapped out after a year and the attenuator on the rear started vibrating badly and broke the solder joint. I sent it in for warranty repair and it took six months and two different authorized Ampeg warranty centers to get it fixed correctly. All this prior to Loud Technologies taking over the company.

    To sum it up. I think the Ampoeg Combos are ok. I like mine and plan on keeping it. But if you plan on going with an Ampeg combo I would go for the 115HP with the extra 120 watts. The 100 watt version just doesn't have enough beans to play with a drummer unless you have PA support to put you in the monitors. Or better yet get a used Ampeg head and a 1 X 15 or 2 X 10 cabinet. You could probably get that used for about the same price as the combo.
  4. Johnny Steele

    Johnny Steele

    May 28, 2007
    hey guys thanks very much you've been hugely helpful. Any particular head you would recommend? Im a bit lost when it comes to these things as you can tell!

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