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  1. Santinotafarell

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    Jan 24, 2013
    Got this new rig and i love it so far. Gna try it on an outside gig today - will report back! Thinking about adding another 115. is that advised? I am new to tubes so am wondering how hard i can put the gain with just the 115 vs if i get 215 goin? I like to keep the master volume at 10, gain at like 1/2 inside for a relatively clean tone... Gna see how well it does on the gig. Also, if i cut some bass but boost some mids is that easier on the cabinet/amp and therefore i could get a little more volume safely? Not sure if that's how it works... but thats why im asking. At what point should i back off on gain/volume to avoid damage? It seems really powerful but i don't want to push it. V4B (100 tube watts) ampeg.jpeg and Fender superbass man neo 115
  2. Santinotafarell

    Santinotafarell Supporting Member

    Jan 24, 2013
    For anyone that cares, played outside and it did great. Wasnt a stadium, just an outdoor plaza, 30-50 people spread out. Got plenty of lows and volume with a clean tone, master at 10 - gain at 10-11 o clock with my nash p bass. i turn of the tweeter and take off some treble and even a little bass. Sounds good to me and was relatively portable with a cart. I'm not sure i would want to push it any more for a clean tone, but for my playing situations which is 90% small to medium gigs 15x a month, it is so awesome so far. I also bring my markbass little tube for backup. Happy thumpn
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  3. Santinotafarell

    Santinotafarell Supporting Member

    Jan 24, 2013
    Oh and im interested in having another 115 neo if anyone wants to sell :D
  4. Great minds.... 20191013_171709.jpg

    You can run everything fully on if you like. I'm sure this Bassman Pro Neo 115 can handle it. It's a 100w amp that'll probly push a bit more when overdriven hard. But I'm pretty sure that cab could take it.
    Ive pushed mine pretty hard with the 300w Super Bassman and it's never complained.
    Great tone outta the V4B and 115 hey? 20170126_201809-1.jpg
    You can see my V4B with 2x115s a li'l in this pic.
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    Sep 7, 2013
    phoenix, az
    Two 15's rock!
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    Dec 20, 2008
    Carbondale IL
    If you add another 1x15 to your rig it should give you quite a bit more clean tone as well as more fullness and thickness. Right now I run mine through 2 Ampeg 212 AV’s and it gets very LOUD, FULL, and THICK!!! IMO the V4B has the best tone out there.
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  7. I'd love to try that. V4B- 2 x 212AV cabs.
    Hardly never see those cabs here.

    Come to think of it, ya don't see V4Bs around neither, 'cept mine.
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