SOLD Ampeg Heritage 410HLF

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  1. keith1r

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    Aug 4, 2009
    United States
    Ampeg Heritage 410HLF with cover
    $600 local pickup only
    • 4 x 10″ custom U.S. made Eminence® LF drivers
    • 500 watts RMS power handling @ 4 ohm
    • 1″ Eminence® APT:50 HF driver w/ L-Pad level control
    • Frequency response: 28Hz – 18kHz
    • Max SPL: 125dB
    • Sensitivity: 98dB
    • Weight: 76 lbs
    • Rugged 15mm Poplar Ply enclosure
    • Premium Heritage black sparkle grille cloth, soft Tolex and trim

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