SOLD Ampeg Heritage B-15n

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    New York
    For sale only, no trades is an excellent condition Ampeg heritage B-15n. it’s an amazing amp that is just not getting the use it deserves. Has both 1964 and 1966 settings. Classic Ampeg B 15 tone. No tears or nicks in the Tolex. Going to keep this local New York, Long Island area only unless you want to pay to have FedEx or UPS pack and ship. Pm for more info. 3AEAEBDF-4C03-4415-AE7C-3CFAEDAA7255.jpeg BDC0370D-6178-423F-93BA-84456620F3D6.jpeg 8B1DC336-88FA-4E58-B589-98964FCA3600.jpeg CBA9970B-7A6C-4F27-8123-44092945C4D9.jpeg 72F9BE53-2756-41DC-A0D0-7848F305D9B4.jpeg
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    Dallas, Tx
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    That looks to be in very sweet condition. I would love to have that in my music room. Glwts.
  4. I am open to splitting shipping fees
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    Dec 2, 2004
    hi. Would you consider shipping to Europe?
  6. sorry, no