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Ampeg on the brain

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Circus, Sep 11, 2003.

  1. I am planning on getting a new amp by the end of October, probably ampeg. A friend of mine recently baught a very nice svt classic, which is about 2000 canadian. I believe the svt-5 pro which has more options and about 700 watts more capability, was i believe only a little more expensive, or could have even been cheeper ( I remember the price 1700 but i think that was for a 3). I have only played off the 3 pro, for those who have extensive experience with these 3 products, what can you tell me about versatility, durability, overall sound quality and capability. thnx a bunch!:bassist:
  2. quallabone


    Aug 2, 2003
    Well everytime I have heard or played through an SVT5 I've been less than impressed. If you like the BSP sound then I'm sure it's a great amp. The SVT4 would be a far better sound and around the same price. The SVT3 is all tube I believe so you're getting a totally different beast. If you ask me tube is better than SS.
  3. Once you try all-tube (SVT Classic, SVT2), you won't go back. SVT3,4,5 sound good (and have plenty of adjustment), but kinda lack the balls of the all-tube heavies.
    YMMV though...depends on the sound you're trying to achieve.

    AMJBASS Supporting Member

    Jan 8, 2002
    Ontario, Canada
    You would be better off going with the SVT4PRO IMO rather than the 5PRO. More headroom.
  5. My store doesn have a 4, only a 3, 5 and classic. I've played on the 3 and thought it was pretty good, but have only played on it for like 10 mins, but i could always buy online from ebay or gc or somethign. Yeah for tube amps an ampeg would probably be best correct? If i was goign ss i'd probably go gk or try out an iamp800. Do you think tube would be the way to go? I know ultimately its up to me, but I like having versatility, and have trouble deciding on a defining sound.
  6. Scott D

    Scott D

    Apr 21, 2003
    Minneapolis, MN
    the 3pro is awesome. BTW, it just has a all tube preamp (3x 12AX7's, 2x 12AU7's) and a 280W @ 8 ohm/450 W @ 4 ohm solid state power amp.
  7. Tube amps are generally heavier, need more regular maintenance (not too much, but tubes do need replacing over time), and don't hold up as well in rough situations as SS amps (tubes being fragile and all).

    I love all-tube (esp. Ampeg) - I love the natural compression and overdrive that can be coaxed out, plus it brings my Ric's character out brilliantly. But, I tend to mainly play a hybrid (Eden) for total reliability and more portability (but with an MXR bass DI+ in front to add some SVT-ness).

    [note: i'm not saying tube amps are unreliable; all my tube amps are vintage so their chance of cacking out is greater that a new tube amp]

    As you say, it's up to you. There are some nice hybrid amps that can give an all-tube number a run for it's money (Mesa, Eden, Aguilar, etc) and still give you change.

    It's horrible choosing the best option when it's an expensive purchase, innit? ;)
  8. Yeah but is getting a svt 4 worth the extra money and not being able to play it before I buy it? I guess I am really trying to decide between a svt 3, 4, or classic. Only the 3 and classic are readily available.

    {edit} And thnx nil, at the same store they have a couple mesa m pulses i believe, I guess i can give those a try to. :) so now its between those 4
  9. I'd love to say that I have, but i've never A/B'd the SVT3 against the SVT4. They're pretty much the same amp (preamp-wise), the 4's got more grunt and headroom (if the price difference is negligible then the answer's simple). The SVT Classic is in a different league entirely. The 3 and 4 seem to me to be Ampeg/SLM's attempt at keeping the SVT tone but in a more flexible package.

    Look to the future a little bit, and keep headroom requirements in consideration. I find my Eden a little overkill sometimes, but it's always got more power in reserve when/if I ever need it.
  10. metron

    metron Supporting Member

    Sep 12, 2003
    I have the SVT CL/410 HLF combination and I love it. It has more headroom that I will ever need. I had the SVT-4 and took it back because it has too many bells and whistles Ill never use. Same issue with the SVT-2, a lot of stuff Ill never use so I opted for the CL because I love its simplicity.
  11. it really depends on what tone/versatility you are looking for. I think that the least flexible of the amps you are looking at would be the SVT-CL, followed by the 5PRO, 3Pro, then 4Pro. I have the 4Pro, and love it. Lots of tonal options, and plenty of power. I have also played the CL, and it's quite a beast also, but more of a one trick pony. GREAT tone, though!
  12. lowfreqguy


    Oct 18, 2000
    Baltimore, MD
    Sorry for the blatant commercial post, but I do know of a 4 PRO that's for sale at a very reasonable price. Contact me if you need details.

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