Ampeg PF-350 treble frequency vs. other Ampeg products

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    Nov 10, 2015
    Poking around various Ampeg product manuals, I noticed that the PF-350 head has the Treble control centered at 8 kHz, while all the other PF heads, SVT Heritage and SVT-7Pro heads, and the Classic, Scrambler, and SCR-DI pedals have a Treble frequency of 4 kHz (the SVT-3Pro and SVT-4Pro list 5 kHz).

    Additionally, various products show slightly different specs for the Ultra Low setting and widely varying amounts of cut and boost on the EQs.

    These kinds of differences extend to the PF heads, too, which I find puzzling, given how similar the products are otherwise.

    So I'm wondering:

    First, why does the PF-350 have a treble frequency that's so different from all the other Ampeg products?

    Second, does Ampeg really spec similar products that differently from one another, or could typos in the manuals be involved?
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  2. TonH


    Jan 26, 2011
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    I can understand the difference between the PF-350 and PF-500/PF800. The PF-500/PF800 have an ultra hi knob, which gives a boost at 8kHz. The PF350 doesn't have that knob, so the treble on the PF-350 is a treble and ultra hi knob. I don't think it's a typo.
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    Nov 10, 2015
    Well, that makes sense.

    I will say, I'm not convinced that 8 kHz is an ideal treble frequency (for boosting, at least), unless you're really into string noise. And I say that as someone playing flats through a PF-350! Works nicely for cutting the top end, though, I'll grant. While I prefer my PF-350 overall, I do like the 4 kHz treble control on my combo amp better.
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    I find it works well for me, but I'm mostly cutting treble and usually don't add it. But with the 3 band EQ, that's exactly why they use you can get those sounds you can get from the Ultra Hi switch on the more deluxe Ampeg EQ.
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