SOLD Ampeg PF115he

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    Jul 18, 2021
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    Ampeg PF115he in great working order. Porta-flex flip top makes it a perfect match for any of Ampeg’s PF heads.
    Has some discoloration towards bottom of cab.
    Previous owner appears to have cut a chunk out of the inside of the cab. (Shown in photos)
    Does not affect sound or functionality.

    Comes with case and casters
    $225 local pickup zip code 12144
    Willing to ship if buyer covers shipping costs
    FC78AF36-3E7E-4284-B841-5D99C7E17CF7.jpeg CC352422-548D-4FB2-B35B-C65C3548215C.jpeg 41C2E5BB-A6D4-4F72-80C9-CC9D8AB678CD.jpeg 67575FEC-68F6-4E7E-B87E-D27BBBEF5E79.jpeg 100A1552-5300-4738-A3AD-F201E4FA7875.jpeg 760DEE61-AA8B-413A-B50B-95C39ABC5710.jpeg B90D1853-FE50-4E48-8DBB-BB68D2C5D15A.jpeg 0FC19D36-CFC5-4358-9FA4-CBF262B6430D.jpeg 32CA9F2E-BAF7-4005-88B4-7A434AB7802E.jpeg 966527C5-726F-4851-B807-070AE556563E.jpeg
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