Ampeg PF500 vs Hartke LH1000 for a Heritage SVT-810AV?

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  1. richEEEbobby


    May 23, 2023
    Hey everyone! First post so here it goes...

    I play in hard rock/metal band currently touring and I'm kind of in a dilemma. I used my PF500 faithfully (on a 410 and briefly on an older Ampeg SVT-810). However, due to unfortunate circumstances I got stuck with payments on a brand new Heritage SVT-810AV (no complaints, LOVE IT) and a Hartke LH1000. Without hesitation, I switched to the LH1000 because "if I'm shelling out money for it, it can't just be a 32lb paperweight. After seeing the bassist of the headliner we're touring with using a similar set up I once used with the PF/810 combo (definitely a PF model, haven't seen for sure if its a 500 or 800) had me really wondering. I'm not a gear head by no means, and I was looking to see some advantages and disadvantages of each one when comparing. Looking forward to the input and my time here at TalkBass!
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  2. They are very different tonally (from a preamp perspective) and they will deliver power to the speaker completely differently (from a power perspective). 2 very different approaches! Would be interested to hear your real-world thoughts on how they compare through that speaker cab.
  3. David Gross

    David Gross

    Sep 19, 2016
    Try an Ampeg Classic Analog Preamp pedal plugged into the front end of LH 1000. Pedal retails for 130.00 dollars. I have done this in the past with good results.