SOLD Ampeg pf50t

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    I bought this off a fellow TB’er thinking I would keep it, because it’s just an awesome sounding amp. Perfect for studio use or light gigging. The only reason I’m selling is that I typically play a Warwick Thumb, and it likes my GK combo better for the small stuff. With a passive bass, this amp slays all of the competition. active basses sound great, but past 50% gain it gets pretty dirty (a good dirt, but I like my Thumb clean).

    this amp is in mint condition. The only non-factory thing is the v2 (preamp/eq) tube has been replaced with a JJ 12ax7. Stock tube is a ruby 12ax7. If you use a at7 tube, you will get a cleaner tone, but a little less volume. My Warwick liked the at7 better, but I’m selling the amp with the 12ax7 since that is how it came from the Factory.

    $700 shipped in the original Ampeg Packaging.

    64594F2D-896E-4ED0-8C74-453D6FDF2790.jpeg CE83357F-E20B-4EA3-938B-DF44647353C3.jpeg E1B8F866-8CAF-4FF9-AE90-EEB590C1A823.jpeg 5062B574-6F61-46C1-846A-22C43E8700B2.jpeg
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    Jun 2, 2007
    These are fantastic amps! I love mine. GLWTS
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    sold on reverb. that was fast