Ampeg Portaflex 350 opinions?

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    Sep 20, 2015
    Hello Everyone! I do not post much in here but I would like to hear everyone’s opinion about Ampeg Portaflex 350?

    I am in a tight budget so I don’t have wide option for heads and just because I really mostly play drums. I am in a Christian worship team, I play every weekend in a medium sized venue church which is a theatre (seats about 500). But I also plan to play in a local lounge with my buddies. BTW were gonna play mostly funk rock or alternative.

    Is the portaflex 350 reliable? i heard that it breaks really fast, they say span of 2 years; Previously had the Micro VR and it just broke. And is the Portaflex qgonna cut through loud guitarist and heavy banging drummers. In my church I just a tech21 DI to PA because we have wireless system, so I dont think it would be a problem for that.

    I am considering to get the SVT 115 cab instead of the fliptop cab, does anyone know what is the significant change if I get the SVT cab?

    Tone-wise, I really loved that B15 and p bass combo sound, I know portaflex is far from that sound. I actually play a japanese Fender aerodyne PJ bass from 2001 with a jazz neck.

    Any thoughts or opinions about this head? Other alternative heads or cabs? I will hear your suggestions. I really dont know alot of technical stuff and terms so bare with my profanities. :)
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