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  1. I've managed to find an old 60's Ampeg Portaflex B12X1 Amp(only the head). I've been trying to dig around to find out some specs on it. I'm fairly sure that it is 50 watts. I don't have the head yet. I'm going to pick it up tomorrow, but would like to know a few things so I can be ready when I bring it home.

    Does anyone know the specs on this amp or have a link to some info? And can anyone recommend a cab to go along with it? Would it be able to push an Ampeg SVT 410HE or would it damage the speakers?:help:

    Thanks in advance for any input anyone might have.

  2. I more than likely do that when I can get some money saved up. Does anyone have any suggestions as to what I could pair it up with in the meantime?
  3. Also welcome to TB hope this helps you out. I don't have any experience with the Portaflex or much knowledge of that Ampeg. You can find a lot of info on this forum and most are cool people and very helpful some are not. Most would just tell you to use the search function it is at the top of the page just click and type whatever and you can find a heap of info sometimes to much and not specific to your Question but always try first.
  4. Thanks for the help 8)
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    Hey Repturd, I sent you a PM, but here's a public answer as well for everyone who cares:

    I think you're getting a B-12XT, not X1. It's a 50w head that's considered closer to 60w. It should push a 410HE pretty well. I used to run my B-15N head with a 410 sometimes and it kicked much volume for its small wattage. The B-12XT is actually a guitar head, but there wasn't much difference at all between Ampeg's guitar heads and bass heads, other than reverb and vibrato.

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