Ampeg Portaflex Horn/Crossover question

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  1. ...was just about to post this in the PF-350/500 thread when it got shut down. Was a good run while it lasted.:(

    I have the evening off and I'm prepping my PF115 to do a custom install of my new 7pro on Monday. I removed the horn (easy). I'm even going to cut a 4 1/4" square piece plywood, spray it black, pad it with foam strips and seal the horn hole, just because I have the materials on hand to do this easily. The horn driver weighs a good 5 or so lbs, so the new weight of my cab in "transport mode" should net about the same. Word.

    So, I read somewhere on the interwebz that removing the tweeter doesn't sound the same as turning off an installed tweeter because the crossover gets switched or something like that. Apparently I'm supposed to run some kind of patch. Does this make any sense? Jimmy? haha
  2. will33


    May 22, 2006
    Disconnect/bypass/remove the board with the crossover/filter on it and wire the woofer straight up to a jack old school style. Either leave the disconnected tweeter mounted just to plug the hole, or make a patch/plug to seal that hole so it doesn't throw off the cab tuning........that's it.