SOLD Ampeg Portaflex PF-500 Head and PF-115HE Cabinet (Price Dropped)

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    Up for sale is an Ampeg Portaflex PF-500 Head and PF-115HE Cabinet Stack. It works flawlessly and only has a few minor scratches and wear on the cabinet. Comes with casters pre-installed.

    I purchased this a few years ago and have used it only as a practice amp inside my home.

    Due to the size and weight, this is a local sale only. Would prefer not to ship at this time. I'm located in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

    Photo Feb 01, 10 02 32 PM.jpg Photo Feb 01, 10 03 15 PM.jpg Photo Feb 01, 9 59 08 PM.jpg Photo Feb 01, 9 59 50 PM.jpg Photo Feb 01, 10 06 52 PM.jpg Photo Feb 01, 10 03 43 PM.jpg Photo Feb 01, 10 03 59 PM.jpg

    Original Description:
    • Ultra-compact size
    • Extremely lightweight
    • Flip-top cabinet design
    • Ultra-compact size
    The Ampeg PF-500 amp head packs a bunch of functionality into a compact amp design. Not only does it pump out 500 watts at 4 ohms, but you also get tone controls, an effects loop, an onboard limiter, and a -15dB input pad. So for a very small amp, you've got all the control you need to craft epic bass tones.

    Extremely lightweight
    Thanks to the smart, compact design, the PF-500 head and PF-115HE cabinet stack weigh only 59 lbs. all together! Casters on the PF-115HE make it easy to move from your vehicle to the stage. The tone is big, but the form factor is extremely compact and convenient.

    Flip-top cabinet design
    The PF-500 head and the PF-115HE cabinet were made to hit the road together. The PF-115HE's flip-top design lets you mount the PF-500 head to the lid of the cabinet, then flip it upside down to hide the head inside the cabinet for transport. So you can just wheel the PF-115HE right to the stage, flip the top to expose your amplifier, and you're ready to go!

    Ampeg PF-500 Head and PF-115HE Cabinet Bundle Features:
    • Value-packed bundle with the 350-watt PF-500 bass amp head and PF-115HE 15" Eminence speaker cabinet
    • PF-500 bass amp head puts out 350 watts at 4 ohms - big power for its small size
    • Effects loop on the PF-500 head makes it easy to integrate your effects processors and pedals
    • Onboard limiter on the bass head prevents speaker damage from signal clipping
    • PF-115HE speaker cabinet packs a 15" speaker, but transports easily thanks to built-in casters
    • Head and cabinet combined weigh less than 60 lbs.

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    Price lowered to $480!
  3. Where in Kentucky are you located?
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    I’m located in Bowling Green, KY. Just made sure to update that in my original post, thanks!
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  5. I lived in Madisonville/Hanson for a short time (40 years ago). Ever come close to Chattanooga?
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    Nice! Unfortunately, I've only made it down to Chattanooga once before. I'm originally from the Elizabethtown area, so Nashville is about as far south as I usually go.

    If you were interested, I'd be willing to meet you somewhere in the Nashville area. However, I understand if that's still too far of a drive.