For Sale Ampeg PR-410HLF 600W cabinet

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    Ampeg 4x10 cabinet with extended low frequency range. This was an absolute beast in my old band, with my Mesa Boogie head I could cut through 2 full guitar stacks, a drummer and a singer with a PA! Playing in Drop A, this cab really did the trick and retained TONS of top end, due to the variable horn control (replaced with new OEM horn 2 years ago, less than 10 hours of play time on it).

    This is a hefty cab to handle the sound, about 125 pounds compared to more traditional cabs but it's built like a tank (aka the old Ampeg). Some cosmetic blemishes from being transported around, mostly on the edges but structurally it is perfect and the original drivers still pump some serious sound. It is currently hooked up to my Mesa, serious buyers can come by and try it out!

    Local sales only, as this is a cost-prohibitive item to ship but price is OBO if you like it!
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