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AMPEG PR410-HLF Tweeter Crapping Out

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by fqr, Apr 7, 2005.

  1. fqr


    Apr 14, 2003

    The horn driver in my Ampeg PR410-HLF starts scraping, so I am afraid it needs replacement. I used the cab mainly at medium-high levels (but without compressor) and the L-PAD at -6 dB.

    Questions are:
    * do the Ampeg horn crap out easily ?
    * can they be repared (diaphragm or so ?)
    * if they need be replaced, what horn can I buy ?
    * any suggestions for better or more solid (fool-proof) horn drivers?

    1. the cabs sound bad without a touch of HF horns
    2. are the horns the same as in my SVT-410 HLF cab ?
  2. fqr


    Apr 14, 2003
    Any advice ?
  3. I have the same cabinet and have no troubles with the tweeter. I run the tweeter wide open on my cabinet with not so much as a hint of trouble.

    You can take a few different courses of action. Firstly, contact Ampeg. It may be that the tweeter was defective and they'll help out with getting you a new one. However, this is only if the tweeter was defective, not "abused" (overpowered, etc). Otherwise, you could replace that tweeter with one like it from Ampeg. Thirdly, you could fit an aftermarket tweeter into the cabinet. Partsexpress.com sold (doesn't anymore, perhaps someone knows where it is sold now) a Peerless short horn soft-dome tweeter that had good power handling and sensitivity. I retrofitted one of these to an SWR cabinet I owned once and it was significantly better than the SWR horn. I think I paid around $25 CDN for it.

    Before any of that though, check out all of the crossover components and the cabinet's internal connections to eliminate those as a possible source of your problems.
  4. fqr


    Apr 14, 2003
    Thank you BassIan,

    Finally I found out that the tweeter was scraping only when playing some bass notes on a decent volume. I could not reproduce it with an electric guitar.

    Because I could not find any apparent contact problems, I resoldered the coil in the crossover and the problem is gone since.
  5. DaveMcLain


    Jun 19, 2005
    Cuba MO
    You can replace the diaphram on those Fostex horns pretty easily if it's been damaged. I think Carvin and others who use that same horn will sell you a replacement diaphram if Ampeg can't help you out. Their service people at SLM are pretty good, I've ordered parts from them before and they did a good job. Another thing to double check is the connection at the lightbulb protection circuit on the crossover. I've heard that the light socket is bad about making a poor connection over time and that can cause the horn to behave eraticlly.
  6. fqr


    Apr 14, 2003
    I agree.
    If something funny is going on with a bass speaker, the first things to check are the crossover and the protection components. Obviously, the bass shaking does seem to create bad contacts from time to time.