AMPEG STV-350 stops working/lights still on/comes back on randomly

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    ive been having issues with my bass head lately SVT350 (eq off).. sometimes it would randomly just stop giving me any signal... happens rarely but it does happen.... any idea what that could be? All the lights seems to stay on. Ive tried disconecting my pedals with a typical outcome however it happens so infrequently that its hard to know if or when it will even happen again or if i cant even rule something out as a problem. The only thing i have on my chain is a MXR M80 bass di and a polytune. Ive also switched patch cables, threw the old ones away even. I have also tried it on my other bass guitar.... but again, while not being able to replicate the issue still... such an infrequent issue that i cannot determine cause reliably by process of elim.

    that was a mouth full
  2. You have two jacks on the back that can cause this, effects return and power amp in. Get two shielded 1 foot "PA" unbalanced patch cables. Use those to run from Preamp out to power amp in and effects send to effects return. There is a type of micro corrosion called "fretting" that can happen to both of them. A high-quality contact cleaner like Caig D5 can help to clean them. If with both those cables in place you don't have any trouble, then the jacks are the cause.
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