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Ampeg SVP Pro preamp $250

Discussion in '[OLD FORUM] Bass Guitars, Amps, and Accessories: F' started by BassistGod, Mar 26, 2003.

  1. Selling my Ampeg SVP Pro for $250 + shipping.
  2. cthesick


    Sep 12, 2002
    lawton OK
    what its history? (age, condition, what its been through)

    am about to buy one anyway and could be interested.
  3. cthesick


    Sep 12, 2002
    lawton OK
    oh yea, and how much do you think shipping will cost... estimate.
  4. I bought it used a while back from a bass tech. He told me everything is original, tubes and all. It has wear on the top and bottom, mostly scratches from rackmounting. It plays superb though. Clean to overdriven, it does it all.
  5. Add 20 for shipping. I pack my items very well. :)
  6. Pictures? Trades at all...? Which model is it..the newer gunmetal grey ones or the older black face w/ blue lettering?
  7. I don't have a digital camera but I can send you the pics from the guy I originally bought it from. Email me your email address for them.

    Didn't I already send you the pics?
  8. Its the older model blackface. I would trade only for a good quality 15'' cab.

    It'll be going to ebay probably thurday night.
  9. Ah geez...we did this already didn't we? Sorry!
  10. Okay, last call for an ampeg svp! C'mon, I'm offering just talkbassers a great deal for $250. Don't wait to pay more on ebay.
  11. a_5string


    Feb 19, 2003
    midwest - Iowa
    I'm interested. I PM'd and emailed you.
  12. a_5string


    Feb 19, 2003
    midwest - Iowa
    Warning, Bassistgod is a jackass!

    I have had several PM and email conversations with him and offered him his asking price for this item. This is what he sent me today:
    I sent this email/PM to him 3 different times.
    In response to this email
  13. That was really classy man.

    Aside from the fact that you changed the dates on this email
    instead of the actual
    , I was actually hoping to sell the svp to you.

    But. I decided I didn't want to sell it to you. I don't have to sell it you, period. I'm certainly under no legal obligation to.

    You offered less than what I was firmly willing to sell it for...in this email....
    I told you that when I got around to putting it on ebay, which I had explicitly noted in a couple of talkbass posts and in my emails, that you could try buying it then.....
    I gave you a couple of days to think about it after that. You didn't respond and I figured you didn't want it. Maybe your the jackass for dragging this out. I answered all your questions and gave you a reasonable amount of time. How long was I supposed to wait until you responded? For all I know you never decided on the svp until I put it on ebay. I put it on ebay monday night. I got your email this morning. Now, since you didn't get your way, you attack me and post that I'm the jackass!

    I'm sure you look appealing to do business with to everyone here at talkbass by slandering me.:p
  14. BTW... 4 total posts eh? Not a bad 1:4 slandering to post ratio.:D
  15. a_5string


    Feb 19, 2003
    midwest - Iowa
    Whatever man, I'm done arguing. You're right, you don't have to sell it to me, and you're right i only have "4" posts. So what? I've been on many different bbs's around the web. I lurked a long time before i ever registered here, and haven't had the need to post much because of finding answers by searching the archives. I must have struck a nerve if you felt the need to trump that up... The fact of the matter is that i responded to you 3 separate times telling you that i would buy it from you at your asking price. The FIRST time was by email on SUN. after you had sent me the email Sat. that you were at your girlfriends and couldn't get the serial# for me:
    I then resent that same email and PM'd it to you tue., because i hadn't heard from you. The next reply i ever got from you was that you had put it on ebay: Started Mar-31-03 20:26:51 PST. Very convienent for you to claim that you didn't hear from me until Tuesday and accuse me of changing dates on email. I don't deny that i sent you an email and PM on Tuesday. That's because i never heard back from you from the ORIGINAL email i sent on SUN THE 30th. nor from the email i sent on monday with the date of manufacture after you sent me the serial# on mon. I Did NOT slander you, i just wrote what happened. I apologize for calling you a jackass, but i was pretty pissed that you didn't answer the email i sent on SUN. or MON. Arguing anymore is futile. To prove that I'm not a liar, I am willing to give an impartial 3rd party or a moderator the password to my yahoo email account to look at and verify that i did send the Email on Sunday. How's that for classy???
  16. I'm willing to do that too. I've kept all my emails in my hotmail account.

    Obviously there must have been some form of miscommunication somewhere down the line. I did get your serial # response.
    However nothing in that email implied that you wanted to buy it. After not recieving anything after that email, I put the svp on ebay.

    There's nothing I can do about it now except offer you the svp for the origianl amount I posted, assuming the ebay transaction fails. I received emails from many people for the svp, not just you. Many of them asked a question and didn't respond back to me? They seem to have no beef with me. Next time, I advise you to be prompt with your emails when you want to purchase an item. Especially when the seller states that ebay is an option.
  17. You guys are talking to yourselves....
  18. good, the less people who read this banter, the better for both of us.
  19. As the sun sets

    As the sun sets Guest

    Dec 10, 2002
    N. Easton, MA
    I'd say let this dust settle between the both of you. a_5string, if you really want the SVP-Pro, you can always bid on it on eBay. Just because he put it up on eBay doesn't mean it's gone forever. They come around fairly often in the $250-$300 price range (used.) If you want it - bid on it! No harm done.