SOLD Ampeg SVT 1976-1979 Era w/ Road Case FOR SALE

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    Sep 11, 2020
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    Hi Everyone!

    This is a genuine vintage 1976-1979 era Ampeg SVT Bass Head.

    Accepting offers

    Free shipping

    300 watt, tube powered;
    6550 power tubes;
    2 channels;
    S/N: 163526

    Includes professional flight case.

    I purchased this amp in 2007 and had brand new tubes installed. It did not have its grill cloth, which was originally silver, so I had a new grill cloth custom made in black.

    It works perfectly and sounds incredible. If you've ever played through one of these, you already know what an amazing amp it is. It has just been sitting in my garage not making a sound, which is sad to me. Instead, it should be blowing minds and bringing joy to a lucky bass player! Help me give this baby a loving home.

    Thanks for reading!


    Carmine @ Big Bottom End

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