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Ampeg SVT 3 Pro pre amp doesn't work

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by fnordlyone, Nov 25, 2013.

  1. Have an opportunity for the SVT 3:hyper:, but with dead pre amp:(. Is this an expensive fix? Anyone ever have experience with said amp's pre going out and what it might take to fix it? Dude's asking me to make an offer to buy as is. My feeling is that the tone must be in the pre and I should maybe make an offer based on a similarly power rated power amp. Any advice?

    thanks vets,
  2. Dead preamp could just be bad tube(s) or a failure in the HV supply, even a bad power amp in jack. An offer would be in the scrap amp range not knowing the failure. How is he sure the power amp is still good or if the preamp is "dead"? Scrap amps $50. to $100 if cosmetically okay.
  3. Hey B2,
    Dude says the amp works with pedals. thanks, f
  4. Cool so the poweramp is okay! At worst it could have an open winding in the Power transformer (BAD news) or a blown HV 1/8 amp fuse. My thoughts, as a tech, I would not go over $225 doing the work myself. If you are not trained to do the work yourself anything over $150 would be too much risk IMO.

    Hope that helps?
  5. Thanks again. He's a drummer, so maybe he knows next to nothing about trouble shooting amps, and it could be an easy fix. Nothing is easy, as he is several hours away, but I have friends in his city. Will probably buy it for $100 or under, if possible. There is an old timer around here who knows his tube amps and is pretty reasonable.
    Never imagined getting an SVT head so early in my newb game (started playing bass this past april), but I'm a GAS fool and can't pass up cheap ops. I've got cabs to test! Even a functioning power amp for $100 would be great. Possibility to upgrade it for SVT tone…
    f n o r d !:hyper:
  6. Best of luck to you! Hope you get lucky :).

    It's usually the poweramps that get damaged in the 3 Pros so if it still works you know you can flip it if need be.
  7. I am on it like BlueBonnet.
    f n o r d !