Ampeg SVT-3 pro

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  1. Unfortunately I must sell ALL of my bass gear in order to pay for my car. However, my loss is YOUR gain. I will list each item seperately so that all my items for sale can be made known. First item of business (literally):

    I am selling my ampeg svt-3pro bass head. it's not the "newer" model but it still has all the same bells and/or whistles (except the Speakon jacks). I would venture to say that it is somewhere between 3-5 years old. It's still in thumpin-good condition and it has been recently re-tubed with all groove tubes. The head pumps out a solid 450 watts @ 4ohms, also. This head would go new for around $900 and since it has been used for a few years, the value has depreciated a significant ammount. I am willing to accept anywhere from $450-$550 for this fine example of american ingenuity and engineering. if you have any questions or want any pictures please do NOT hesitate to email me at: