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Ampeg SVT 3Pro / SVT1540HE Cab Question

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by megiddo, Mar 8, 2004.

  1. megiddo


    Apr 5, 2003
    Houston, Texas
    I have an Ampeg SVT 3Pro running an SVT1540HE Cab. The 3Pro head is a '96 model. I'm wondering if you can connect both the outputs on the back of the amp to both the full range inputs on the back of the cab. Would I be risking frying my amp or would I be pushing more air, or would it make any difference? The literature I've read on the amp and the cab don't show that being done, but they don't say to not do it. What do ya'll think?
  2. jim primate

    jim primate bass guitarist.

    i'm not familiar with the 1540 but unless it has a jack for the 15 and a jack for the 4x10 you'd better not. if it has only one input jack on the amp and if it has an identical jack right next to it, it's for daisy chaining to another cab and not to plug another amp into it.

    your head is 4ohms and if there are two halves to that cab that run at 8ohms each you'd be fine plugging both outs on your amp to both ins on your cab.

    so unless the 15 part and the 4x10 part do have their own seperate jacks (which i doubt). you'll be fine.
  3. Jerrold Tiers

    Jerrold Tiers

    Nov 14, 2003
    St Louis
    The 1540 is two 4 ohm cabinets. Going in the "biamp inputs they are separate. each 4 ohms.

    That's no help, since it would be 2 ohms paralleled

    Going in the full range input it is one 8 ohm cab, or 275W with your 3Pro.

    Another cable won't make a difference.

    The 3Pro has a single amp channel rated 8 and 4, so that isn't the best match, unless 275W is enough (running 8 ohms full range).

    You can't use the whole cabinet as-is and get the 450W, since there isn't a way to use both parts and get 4 ohms net impedance.
  4. megiddo


    Apr 5, 2003
    Houston, Texas
    Hey Jerrold, thanks for sending the PDF manuals. I was curious about using two cables out to the cab, but the manuals weren't cleaar about that. Anyway I'm extremely happy with my rig, I'm just seeing if there are ways of tweeking it to get the most out of it.

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