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  1. okay... if anyone else has posted this than i apologize in advance. this is just way too confusing for me.

    i'm trying to buy one of the two amp-heads (SVT-4 PRO/B-4R) in the near future. but i raise two questions to nay takers.

    which one?


    which type of speakers (4 or 8 ohm) will it power better? i had thought that they power 8 ohm speakers better... but i'm not prepared to make a $1000 eff-up. i wanted to play either head out of an Ampeg BSE-410HS and a BSE-410H... good idea or bad idea?

    i'm also up for suggestions. thank you all in advance.
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    Jul 6, 2004
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    Yeah... you really need to do a search on "ohms" and stuff like that. Its been covered so many times. If I were to start telling you what was what, then I'd probably have to give you a big lesson on hooking stuff up, and how many ohms for mono-bridging and stuff like that.

    I guess I can give a simple answer now.... but then again, it all depends on how your going to hook it up, because you can do it stereo or Mono.

    In Mono mode, I dont think the BSE cabs are enough to handle EITHER head. They're really at the bottom of the Ampeg food chain, and are meant for a B2R head, or something of similar power. (They apparently give my BXT cabs an undeserved reputation:mad: )

    In stereo, the 4Pro will give you more power... but then again, I dunno what kind of power you need, what kind of tone you want or what music you play.

    So do a search... learn what you can... and answer a few more questions that will let us help you s'more.
  3. cb56


    Jul 2, 2000
    Yeah and sometimes confuse store employees. A store in my area has two new BXT 15 cabs. When I asked the store employee how much they cost, he looked at his catalogue scratched his head and said $350 each. :eek: Wish I had the cash on me at that time.

    Anyway, back to the two amps. Both will power a two ohm load per side so I wouldn't worry about being able to power those cabs. You'll be ok either way. Pick the one that sounds best to your ears.
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