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Ampeg SVT 4 pro & 8x10 cab connectivity questions/problem

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by westerton, Mar 9, 2006.

  1. westerton


    Mar 9, 2006
    Hello....i'm new to this forum stuff...anyways :meh:

    I have fairly newish Ampeg SVT 810e cabinet (bought it from a friend but it still in great shape) and I just purchased an Ampeg SVT 4 pro head....and i'm having some troubles connecting the amp to my cab using the Neutrik speakon to 1/4" cable the head came with...

    what im trying to do it go from the mono/bridge speakon output on my amp to my cabinet and power ALL 8 speakers from 1 input on the cab..and not having to use 2 separtate inputs to power the upper and lower 4 speakers.

    now to my knowledge...that the mono/bridged speakon output from the head is combining both internal amplifiers into one....and i made sure the stereo/mono switch is pushed in to trigger that output as mono.....

    ...ok now...with my cabinet again to my knowledge...i can plug it into either the #2 inputs or even the #3 speakon inputs (depending on the cable), and it SHOULD play through all 8 speakers........ASLONG as nothing is plugged into #1 input...because #2 and #3 are used as the Mono Inputs...

    if everything that i have said IS actually correct, then i have a problem.
    ok BUT MY PROBLEM IS.....
    that i've tried going from my mono/bridge speakon output from my head to 1/4" input #2 plug (i've tried both plugins) on my cabinet....with NOTHING plugged into #1...and it the sound SHOULD go through all 8 speakers, but its not....it's only coming through the bottom 4 speakers....and i cant figure it out...its like its trying to use the cab in Dual mode, but the upper input isnt being used...

    ive asked someone with the SAME EXACT rig as i do...and hes using the mono/bridge speakon output to the #3 speakon input....and hes suggesting something is wrong with my cabinet..but i dont know what it could be, because its pretty newish and everything works perfectly if you use 2 separate cables to the 2 inputs to the upper and lower jacks...but i dont want to do that....i would much rather use the mono/bridge output.

    please any suggestions would help a bunch, i've been scratching my head about this a lot...

  2. ollybarclay


    Dec 14, 2005
    sounds like you just have to bite the bullet and use a speaker cable from channel A and B on the head into inputs 1 and 2 on the cabinet...

    given there is only mention of using the upper 4x10 with input 1.

    either that or your cabinet is bust, that would seem the obvious answer if your friend uses the exact same setup.

    ALSO, someone more knowledgable than me will probably mention something about your speakon cable, as for mono-bridging it apparently needs to be rewired slightly. apparently it's very simple, have a search for that, rewiring your speakon...hopefully will help.
  3. tlwaps


    Feb 13, 2006
    I use the exact same set up as you, however i ran two 1/4 inch jacks into the back of the cab because i didn't have any speakons. Now I did test it out using only one cable to run all 8 speakers, but to me the cabinet sounds a lot fuller (if that's even a word but hey president bush has said worse) with the two speaker cables going into the number 2 jacks. I haven't tried any speakon's with this rig, so I can't help you there. I'd just run a speaker cable, doesn't change anything to me.
  4. Gigabajillion


    Sep 19, 2006
    Spring Hill, TN
    Endorsing Artist: Bluesman Vintage, Ernie Ball
    The 8x10 has 2 modes, all 8 speakers, we'll call it "normal", and "dual mode" which is upper and lower. You stated that you wanted 1 plug, you can do that by using "A" or "B" if it is set to stereo. Plug into #2 or #3, 1 is for Dual, you are right with that. Those are both independent amplifiers, so you could use either and power the entire cab with 1 connection when the cab is in Normal mode.

    When you split it up using 2 cables, Higher and lower in Dual, it may sound clearer but you are losing wattage and power. (ie: Normal 4ohms, Dual 8ohms) The amp at 4ohms (A or B) peaks at 625 watts. @ 8ohms the amp peaks at 350 watts. It depends on how you want to run it, how loud you need it.

    BE CAREFUL when running it in MonoBridge. It takes a different cable than a normal speakon. The wiring is done differently for that amount of power. The Peak is at 1600 watts @ 4ohms, the cab is rated at a max of 1600 watts, granted you probably won't be running it full on, but if using another cab it could be a problem with blowing the speakers. :)

    I probably gave too much info and I just noticed this thread is 3 years old, so this probably won't help you at all. But there's some info for who ever reads this anyway!
  5. flypejose


    Sep 2, 2009
    Hey, still helpfull two years later!!!

    Somebody fried out the SVT4 head at Church. So I was trying to see if I could run only one side of the 810 (410 tha is) with my Markbass LMII, which delivers 500W at 4ohms.
  6. So i could use the crossover function of the svt 4 with a 810?
    One 1/4 to the #1 and the other 1/4 to the #2 right?