Ampeg SVT 8 Pro - your experience ?

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  1. Does anybody have user experience with the SVT 8 Pro ? I usually see content for many other heads from Ampeg but not this one. I need it to drive one very powerful 4 ohm cab for Reggae. I notice that it has plenty of power at 4 ohms.
    I'd like to know about its: reliability, clean tone capability and where it's made. Also, is the power amp section Class A/B or D ?
    Thank You
  2. I havnt heard any chatter on that amp. For what they are listed at you could buy a SVP and power amp, and have something very close for a lot less.
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    May 4, 2006
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    I think it was Class D, but in all truthfulness, I do not think I could I tell you the difference between those power sections. The 8 PRO has a decent amount of growl - does not sound like an SVT CL growling, but it does sound nice. You can dial it out and once you did that, I felt it sounding like every other Ampeg hybrid head. The 8 PRO was SUPPOSED to get you Ampeg Tube Growl at ANY volume with the "Voltage" controls. Not even close. At least that is what I remembered about the head..... It still sounds good though, but as CL400Peavey noted, just get the pre-amp and a power amp. You would get pretty close to it.
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    Mar 1, 2005
    Pat Bruders from Down, and EyehateGod uses one, he says he loves it to no end, that amp is one powerful animal!