Ampeg SVT-CL possible tube issues

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    Apr 17, 2007
    I have a 2004 Ampeg SVT-CL. It has served me very well over the years, changing tubes when needed. I've gigged with it heavily. Earlier at practice, I turned it on, flipped the standby switch and started playing. About 10 minutes later, the standby light went from green to red and I lost all sound. I flipped off the standby light and fliped it back on and saw a spark come from the switch and heard a faint pop. I turned it off to let it cool down and tried gain later with the same results. It played well for about 10 minutes then cut out and the green light went to red. The light didn't flash from green to red, it just stayed red. It shouldn't be time for new tubes but before i go and buy more, I was wondering if that was the case or not. Any info is helpful.

  2. Chances are pretty good one of the output tubes went bad, why, because it did. Most times nothing a user does or could have avoided.
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    Ya, tubes can be unpredictable about when they'll go bad. A spark from the switch concerns me, but B-String is a tech and knows way more about them than I do, so I guess if he thinks it's just a power tube, then it could very well be that and not a problem with the switch.